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How to Use the app
- The geolocation function is automatic by default. Your position is shown in the map mode with a flashing blue circle on the screen. While you are on a map, you can always go to your location by clicking on the round symbol on the top of the screen.
- You can rotate the maps using two fingers for easy navigation with the help of geolocation and to obtain the map rotated to the direction of travel.
- When you are in the screen description of each point of interest you will show a rectangle with your actual distance from that point. Clicking on it will open Google Map or Apple (depending on your preferences) with a route to the same point of interest starting from your actual point of location.
- In map mode, you can select the button at the top right what most interests you managing to navigate easily.
- Augmented Reality: opening the drop-down menu and clicking on the augmented reality feature, the smartphone will go into the camera. At the top right is a button where you can select your interests and be able to live directly from the camera integrated into the landscape, and be able to enjoy multimedia content. You can add or remove categories.
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